So so sad to hear about the death of our supporter Sir Roger Moore

In our opinion the BEST James Bond

Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends

The ODP team and Autograph Giraffe

Now this is Special!!!!

The Dotrice Dynasty!!!

Karen, Michele and Roy and me!

Autograph Giraffe xxx

Rare, rescued albino orangutan in Borneo

We have set up a monthly donation - have you?


"Every bit of the rainforest that is knocked down is less space for orangutans. They have been reduced very seriously in the past decade, and we must do all we can to reverse this devastation"

Sir David Attenborough.

 Autograph Giraffe News:

My identical twin cousins Half Giraffe and Half Giraffe are here for a vist!

Aren't they cute


 I tried to get the black giraffe of the family Gregor Giraffe over for a visit but he's left Los Angelas in shame and I've heard he's now sleeping on a human's couch and is penniless!

It's such a shame he's let himself go like this!

Autograph Giraffe xxx

I only met Tahlia Paris, Playboy Cybergirl of the Year 2017

That's all!

Can you see me blushing?!?!

Autograph Giraffe xxx



Autograph Giraffe has got his own website!!!

For Affordable Authentic Autographs

go to


for the Triple A experience!

 It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that Autograph Giraffe bids a fond farewell to:

Michael Culver

Angela Douglas

Melvyn Hayes

Thank you for your suppport and the many many photos you signed for us over the years

May you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The last time I followed a rainbow I ended up in a field but hey ho!

Autograph Giraffe


Autograph Giraffe has got his own Ebay site!


Specialising in competitively priced In Person James Bond signed photos

Why pay more!!!!

Don't leave it too long as they sell out fast!

 Yet another 2 James Bond stars, Edward de Souza and John Simkin sign up with 'Humans for Hire'

If Autograph Giraffe drank lager he would probably be the best Giraffe in the world to have so many James Bond stars!!!!

 HUGE thanks to James Bond and Absolutely Fabulous star

Joanna Lumley OBE

for the large EXCLUSIVE signing

One, if not THE nicest, human being!

Lots of love from Autograph Giraffe

If you want a signed photo of Joanna look no further than my website

Click HERE


 You've tried the rest,

Now try the  ̶b̶e̶a̶s̶t̶  best!

Autograph Giraffe brings you.....

Humans for Hire

The head count currently numbers 47!!!

Latest to join is Daniel Peacock, Jeffrey Holland, Judy Buxton and Clive Rowe!


Do you need a Bond Girl, Carry On or James Bond star, Willy Wonka 'kid', 3 of

the main Poirot cast or a Doctor Who star for your next autograph show?

An after dinner speaker?

A 'Happy Birthday' phone call or Xmas card to a friend or family member?

Whatever you want Autograph Giraffe will do his best to provide it!

NO commission/fee for the celebrity to pay.

Just a donation to Our Disappearing Planet's JustGiving page


from the interested party when the booking is confirmed.

Please Email your requirements to:


and a very nice human will get back to you!

 Thank you to everyone that attended

our charity show on Sunday 20th November 2016

and to 10th Planet Events

for making the day enjoyable for everyone!

Our best show so far!

If you couldn't make ODP2 this is what you missed!

Instead of listening to the internet trolls, listen to Autograph Giraffe!

Next show ODP3 is Sunday 19th November!

I thought Trolls looked like this but apparantly they can be fat, Scottish and a failure in life!

 The Legendary Bernard Cribbins!

Lady Mayoress Pam Stuart with her consort!

Daleks' Invasion 2150 A.D. reunion!!!!!

Caroline Munro walking the dogs!!!!

Toyah walking the dogs!!!!

 Brian Wheeler walking the dogs!!!!

Biggins and Patricia Brake

Bernard Cribbins with 10th Planet Events crew and fans

 Michael Brandon and Tara Ward


Daniel Peacock and Jessica Martin


Daniel Eghan and Bullet-Tooth Baxter

Matt Rose and Jessica Martin

 Toyah and Brian Wheeler

Alan Austen and Daniel Eghan

 Peter Miles and friend

Patricia Brake, Tony Osoba and Biggins doing a Q & A


Simon Fisher-Becker walking the dogs!!!!


I just want to say a big thank you so much for asking me to attend the fabulous ODP2 charity event put on by Gary and Derek at The Stevenage Leisure Centre.

Thank you all for coming along to see us and supporting this wonderful charity.

It was one for the whole family.

And please remember if we look after our friends the animals and our beautiful planet it will in turn take care of us.

And well done Autograph Giraffe you are a true super hero.

All my love,

Caroline xxx (Munro) 


Great ODP show, no drama, no staff or guest hierarchy, just a great team of people having fun getting on with their jobs and supporting a very worthwhile charity.

Thanks Gary, Derek and all the team.

Jayne C

(Appearance Agent)


First of all may I congratulate you on such a wonderful day yesterday. From where I was sitting the whole enterprise seemed to be such good fun and so very well organised.

And secondly may I please thank you enormously for making me a part of it. I had a truly delightful time, meeting up with dear old chums and indeed making several new ones.

May your charity continue to go from strength to strength; as I feel so sure it will.

Very best wishes and again my thanks,

Christopher (Strauli) 


Our Disappearing Planet Stevenage Autograph show was a great fun show with great organisation!

Good to meet up with old friends and make many new ones.

Abig thank you to Gary and Derek for all their hard work and for a fun filled day

Of course a big kiss to the star of the show, Autograph Giraffe, who in the nicest possible way is putting himself about!

Lots of love

Sue xxx (Hodge)


Really enjoyed the event yesterday, made lots of friends and met lots of fans. Thank all the crew and volunteers who made this happen.

Best regards

Daniel Eghan


Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed it. Glad to be involved in trying to save the planet.

Nabil (Shabin)


Thank u for yesterday. It was a fun day.

See you soon.

Toyah xxx


It was a great day.


(Dee Sadler)


Bless you, will be delighted and honoured to return to Stevenage for you in November.

Thank you 

x x x

(Madeline Smith)


Fantastic day siging at ODP Autograph Show in Stevenage!

Lovely to catch up with co-stars, friends and to meet new fans! :) 

Emma (Dark) xxx


I had a brilliant experience at the ODP event at Stevenage! The organisers were superb and everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming.

There was always someone to answer my questions I had and would definately attend another event as a guest or a fan

Scott (Stevenson)


Had an amazing time at the Our Disappearing Planet event.

Thanks to Matt & Gary for a great day :)

Martin Ballantyne xxx


It was a great day with lots of interesting signers, vendors and attractions including snakes and of course the star of the show our very own mascot.............. Autograph Giraffe

Brian (Wheeler)


Fantastic day with the bonus of interviewing Toyah Willcox.

And catching up with the fans and having a good laugh with all the other celebrity chums!

How a show should be - fun! fun! fun!

Simon (Fisher-Becker) xxx


All my clients had a wonderful time at ODP2 and were treated so well I'll definately be putting guests in ODP3 and beyond!

Matthew Campbell

(Celebrity Booker)


Had a good day, enjoyed it.

All the best

Dan (Peacock) x


The dedication and enthusiasm of Doctor Who fans is brilliant. I love seeing how much they enjoy themselves.

These signings are a way for them to leave life's challenges behind for a while and indulge in a world they love.

I'm very happy to be a part of that.

Best Wishes 

Tara Ward


Conventions come and go throughout the year that can make you feel rushed and tired. This has been the most friendly professional day I have ever taken guests to.

It was like seeing an extended family as it always a joy to see some of the guests I have met over the four years in the Con world and meeting new ones is always a joy.

I am happy to support the charity, the events and the many wonderful people who made me feel welcome.

I am really excited for November when I will be seeing my new best friend Autograph Giraffe

Well done Gary, Derek and co. for letting me bring some of my clients and for making me feel like I found the right events to belong to.

Matthew Rose 

(Celebrity Booker)


What a fun day, thank you.

Clive Rowe


I had a wonderful time at the Our Disappearing Planet event.

What a lovely day spent meeting fans, reminiscing with them and fellow actor friends who I don't see very often.

And all in the aid of a good cause.

Thank you again for inviting me to be part of this!

Jessica Martin